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Glam by Kamrie



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All of our lashes are 100% Mink lashes and can be used between 15-20 times with proper care.

How to apply your lashes:

1. Remove lash from lash tray by simply rubbing the lash down or using our GBK tweezers to remove lash.

2. Measure lash to fit you eye. When doing this make sure you start your lash in the inner corner (not all the way in, so you avoid your eye watering). Cut off the end with mini scissors.

3. Apply lash glue along the band and give it at least 30 secs to dry (not completely) and get tacky. This is to avoid your lash from moving while trying to get it in place and also messing up your beautiful eyeshadow look!

4. Once lashes are in place, use your tweezers, lash curler or finger to blend your natural lash with your mink lash.

5. *This step is optional, BUT MAKES SO MUCH DIFFERENCE* Use your favorite mascara to really finish off the look and make sure the lashes are blended together so that it looks like your were born that way!

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