We have been working so hard getting ready for our next restock! This restock will be the best restock yet. 

Our main goal with this restock is to improve shipping and improve on all of our branding! 

What can i look forward to with this restock?

SHIPPING TIME HAS BEEN CUT IN HALF! Thank you everyone for you continued support! We have only been open and operating for only 1 year now! We're so grateful to have already shipped over 700+ orders. As of right now I am still operating as a one-woman show and dedicating all my time to figuring out how i can improve our business as a whole but specifically shipping! Starting with our restock everything will no longer be made-to-order. Which means of course will actually be sold out of items and have actual restock days which i think will work way better for everyone. Wholesale shipping time will now be 1-2 weeks vs 3-4 (still has to be this way due to high volume of wholesale orders). Retail will now be 3-5 days. We hope this makes a dramatic change in the speed of orders! 

CUSTOM PACKAGING. Branding is kind of our thing, we couldn't resist! We now have custom lip gloss wand and squeeze tubes! Enjoy your favorite glosses in our new custom pink tubes. 

- NEW PRODUCTS! Restock time always means new products! We will be introducing our much anticipated Body Butters! We also have new products that will be revealed on our instagram page (@glambykamrie) while we await our restock! 

There is a lot coming and we're so excited for each and every one of you to get your hands on our products! Any questions or concerns about a order, please feel free to email us at