5 steps to growing on Instagram organically!

5 steps to growing on Instagram organically!

In 2020, How do you grow on Instagram organically?

I know it seems completely impossible, i thought so at once, but it's not! Growing on instagram is actually pretty simple once you get to know the forever-changing Algorithm.

I started my business in March 2020 with 453 followers using my old makeup page that i had for about a year. It is now November 2020 and i now have 9,391 (at the time i'm writing this). I have used many different techniques to grow but these are by far the best tips that have helped me!

Here's my top 5 tips:

1. Be Consistent. It's that simple! This one step alone can change your instagram game so much. Imagine if you woke up everyday with planned content and posted 3 times a day. There is no way you couldn't grow! 

2. Interact with your current following! This one is one that i definitely struggled with in the beginning. We focus so much on gaining a following, a lot of times we forget to take care of the followers we already have! When you get a comment, reply. Focus on getting your engagement up! 

3. Use Hashtags. This should have been #1 because that's how important hashtags are to growing on instagram. Unless you are Beyonce or someone with a huge following already, YOU HAVE TO USE HASHTAGS! Not just use them, use them strategically. Switch them up and try different combinations of hashtags together! The goal is to trend at the top of hashtags, that's how you reach more followers. 

4. Have Content Worth Interacting with! This one goes over a lot of our heads, me included. When determining which content to post, its very important to take a step back and ask yourself "if i was a customer/follower would i interact with this post". Don't post anything that you wouldn't interact with. You have a explore page full of pages just like yours, reference it. For example, if your a lip gloss business, scroll through your explore page and see what is going viral for other brands. For most lip gloss brands, posting videos of making lip gloss and packaging orders makes a lot of brands go viral. 

5. DON'T FOCUS ON THE FOLLOWERS! I know everyone just rolled their eyes but hear me out. At the beginning, all i focused on was my followers. Not my content, not interacting with my current followers, but getting new ones so that i can get sales. FOLLOWERS DO NOT DETERMINE YOUR SALES. Let me say that one more time, FOLLOWERS DO NOT DETERMINE YOUR SALES. You can have 250K followers and make 2 sales a month. Once i started focusing on the quality of my pictures, making videos that are so good all you can do is like and actually engaging with all my followers, that is when i started singing rapid growth on my IG. Moral of the story, focus on the content not the followers. 

You got this! Don't let the lack of followers or likes discourage you from your goals! If something isn't working, figure out what you can do to change it. If you have a post that's doing way better than any other post, figure out what it is about that post that people are interacting with it so much. 

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